The Perfect Way to Protect Your Grow

Boveda Home Grow Kit


Relative Humidity (RH) Level for Cannabis

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After you grow it, harvest it and dry it, protect it with Boveda + CVault®.

Care for your home grown cannabis like a pro post-harvest. Boveda, the original terpene shield, has gathered all the tools necessary for curing and storing cannabis and hemp and put them all together in one convenient bundle. Includes: 4-pack of Size 67 Boveda for the 2-Liter CVault and 10-pack of Size 4 Boveda for the Small Twist CVault.


Includes one (1) each: 

  • Small (3.25" x 1.75") CVault to store up to 14 grams (.5 ounce) cannabis/hemp
  • 10-pack of Size 4 Boveda
  • 2-Liter (7" x 4") CVault to store up to 114 grams (.25 pound) cannabis/hemp
  • 4-pack of Size 67 Boveda

Save the terps with Boveda, the original terpene shield. Protect against mold or overdrying, prevent trichome damage and stop terpene loss.

Revive your herbs safely and confidently post-dry. Takes the guesswork out of how to process your flower post-harvest.

Preserves the aroma, flavor and effectiveness until after the grind. Boveda creates a monolayer of purified water molecules that naturally coats trichomes to shield terpenes and cannabinoids, preserving the smell until use.

All-natural salts and purified water inside a semi-permeable membrane within Boveda packs keep flower fresh for two to four months in LP-grade CVault® containers. Just place into the specially engineered lid and let Boveda get to work saving your terps and curing your medicine. Replace when Boveda is rigid.

Lightproof stainless steel design prevents cannabis from degrading.

Food-grade silicone seal latches closed to create an airtight enviroment to prevent oxidation of cannabis. Shatter-proof—unlike glass jars.

Factory sealed in a high-barrier plastic. Keep the plastic on and you can expect these unwrapped Boveda to stay fresh for up to two years before you're ready to put them to use.

Do not mix Boveda RH levels within the same container, and do not use Boveda in the same container with other humidification products. They will reduce the efficiency of the Boveda.