Stainless Steel Double Guillotine | For Up to 64 Ring Gauges | Straight Cut

Boveda Cigar Cutter


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What's the best cigar cutter? Single blade cigars cutters crush the cap. Upgrade to this sturdy, double blade guillotine cigar cutter to:

  • Avoid tearing and cracking cigar wrappers
  • Remove as little of the cap as possible to get a good draw

Cigar smokers can never have too many cigar cutters. A practical cigar gift to include with sticks for an aficionado, groomsman or herf buddy.

Affordable enough to stash multiples in areas you need a cigar cutter the most:

  • Golf bag
  • Car console
  • Travel humidor
  • Bar cart
  • Poker table
  • Ski boot bag
  • Work bag

This Boveda Cigar Cutter works for:

  • Up to 64 ring gauge cigars
  • Traditionally-shaped parejos, figurados, torpedos AND additional popular premiums
  • Smokers with sausage fingers—big finger holes

Stainless steel blades:

  • Move independently
  • Glide easily in a smooth, even motion
  • Etched with the Boveda logo



  1. Put your thumb in one hole and your index finger in the other hole. 
  2. To avoid overcutting a stick, cut off just the cap. The cap ends at the first circular line closest to the end of the head. Line up that circle at a 90 degree angle between the edges of the blades. 
  3. Press your thumb and finger together to squeeze down on the cutter to cut on that line. You'll know you made a good cut if from a distance the stick doesn’t even look like it’s been cut. 
  4. Success!


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Sturdy plastic body


  • Cigar Cutter: 3.62″/9.19 cm x 1.75″/4.44 cm x 0.25″/0.64
  • Individual finger hole: .625″/1.58 cm