65% and 69% RH

Boveda 69% RH for Dried Fruit


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Nosh on and cook with plump and juicy dried fruit instead of those sad sticky shriveled bits that used to be fruit. In just a few days, you'll see a difference. Start storing your raisins, apricots, mangos and other dried fruit in a sealed airtight container along with a Boveda 69% RH and those snackable fruits will stay chewy and delish. Packages include 10 Boveda Size 8s.


Individual product dimensions: 2.75" x 2.5"

Prevent food waste. You're trying to eat healthier, so you buy good-for-you snacks. Then you end up throwing away dried fruit because your dried fruit is beyond dry—it's mummified.

Keeps raisins and other fruit plump! Every time you open a bag, jar or container, you affect the moisture level inside that can affect the food. With Boveda, you'll never toss out overly dried raisins again.

Automatically adds or absorbs moisture as needed to keep your dried fruit from over drying or molding.

All-natural salts and purified water achieve and maintain a specific 69% RH, which is ideal for dried fruit.

Long lasting—Just place Boveda in with dried fruit. Keeps fresh for 2-4 months in an sealed airtight container. 


Unopened, Boveda can stay fresh for up to 2 years in its overwrap and sealed bags.

Unwrapped in resealable high-barrier plastic bag with zip closure: 

  • 10 pack Size 8 Boveda for dried fruit/raisins.

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