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Boveda High-Absorbency 49% RH 20-Pack Size 40


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Buy Boveda in bulk if you maintain multiple wood instruments in high humidity. Stop battling excessive moisture and mildew in instrument cases. These specialty packs absorb 3x more moisture than Boveda 49% RH (relative humidity).

Using High-Absorbency Boveda in an instrument case:

  • Protects wood instruments that are exposed to year-round extreme humidity of 50+% (Lower humidity? Choose Boveda 49% RH for wood instruments.)
  • Prevents warping and mildew build-up
  • Curbs humidity fluctuations that throw off an instrument's measured alignment and cause permanent damage (think going in and out of air-conditioned venues, traveling by air, performing outdoors, etc.)

Automatically maintains constant RH between 45% and 55% for instruments in high humidity climates, including:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Hollow-body guitar
  • Nylon string guitar
  • Semi-hollow body guitar
  • Guitarrón
  • Hollow-body bass
  • Cello/ violoncello
  • Double bass/upright bass
  • Bass clarinet
  • Bassoon

Multi-instrument players use a 20-Pack to refill:

  • Directional Starter Kit
  • Small Starter Kit
  • Large Starter Kit
  • Single Fabric Holder
  • Double Fabric Holder



  1. Just slip unwrapped Boveda into the pouch(es) of its protective fabric holder.
  2. Place in case and close the lid. Always keep your case closed when using Boveda.

Always insert Boveda into a pouch of a Boveda Fabric Holder before placing in an instrument case. The fabric holder allows Boveda to last longer and work better and acts as a liquid barrier if a packet is accidentally punctured. 


  • Mix Boveda 49% RH High-Absorbency and Boveda 49% RH or different Boveda RH levels within the same instrument case
  • Use Boveda in the same case with other humidification products because they will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of Boveda

To refill a Boveda Directional Fabric Holder: Use one (1) Boveda High-Absorbency 49%
To refill a Boveda Single Fabric Holder: 
Use one (1) Boveda High-Absorbency 49%
To refill a Boveda Double Fabric Holder: Use two (2) Boveda High-Absorbency 49%

A Boveda 20-Pack Brick is packaged in a heavy-duty plastic bag that is resealable using its attached tape enclosure. Each Boveda is not individually overwrapped.

Boveda will last 1-6 months depending on the time of year, your climate and your case.
Unopened package: Up to two (2) years

When Boveda High-Absorbency packs expand, it’s time to replace the humidity packs in an instrument case. Order replacement packs BEFORE Boveda expands to avoid a lapse in humidity protection for an instrument in high humidity.


Achieves and maintains a constant relative humidity (RH) range between 45% and 55%.

Food-grade salt, purified water and a food-grade thickening agent sealed inside a leakproof membrane.

Size 40: 5.25"/13.34 cm x 3.5”/8.89 cm

5.5"/13.97 cm x 3.75"/9.525 cm x 4.5"/11.43 cm

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