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NEW! ½ Ounce Boveda Fresh Stash Bag


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Keep weed fresh, all the time. This top-shelf weed stash bag preserves cannabis with The Original Terpene Shield™ (62% RH) conveniently included. It can preserve up to ½ ounce and will last between 2 to 4 months, depending on how often you open the bag. The rich aroma and robust flavor stay locked into your bud until it’s time to grind and smoke.

½ Ounce Boveda Fresh Bag versus a plain mylar stash bag:

  • Made from high-barrier, multi-layer polymers with a high-quality zipper
  • FDA-compliant, all-natural saltwater cannabis storage solution
  • Comes with Size 4 Boveda 62% RH that lasts for months to:
    - Preserve and protect terpenes
    - Protect against mold growth
    - Prevent weed from drying out, prolonging shelf life

The Boveda Fresh Bag:

  • Stores up to ½ ounce (15 grams) of cannabis or hemp
  • Slips discreetly in a backpack, messenger bag, waist pack or jacket pocket
  • Provides extra protection inside stash boxes or canna-dors



  1. Open the bag, take out the Boveda terpene shield and remove the clear overwrap. Do not open the brown packet itself. 
  2. Return the unwrapped Boveda 62% RH packet to the Boveda Fresh Bag.
  3. Add your flower.  
  4. Gently close the stash bag using the zipper to secure your stash.
  5. Order Size 4 Boveda 62% RH to refill a ½ Ounce Boveda Fresh Bag once your Boveda 62% RH becomes rock hard and expires.

Storing multiple strains? Mark the cultivar name and package date on the back of the Fresh Bag to organize your cannabis.

The Boveda terpene shield is individually overwrapped inside the ½ Ounce Boveda Fresh Bag.

The Boveda Fresh Bag is reusable. It’s the Boveda inside the stash bag will last up to four months, depending on how often you open the bag.
Unopened overwrapped Boveda pack: Up to 2 years

Order Size 4 Boveda 62% RH BEFORE the terpene shield pack is rigid to avoid a lapse in humidity protection in your stash bag.

Do the touch test:
Boveda is still working if you feel: 
• Hardening at its corners
• Soft spots among some hard areas 

Boveda is expired if: 
• The entire pack feels rock solid all the way through 

Don't mix RH levels within the same stash bag. And do not use Boveda in the same cannabis container as other humidification products because they will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of Boveda.

All Boveda are accurate to +/- 2% of the RH printed on the pack in an airtight environment.

Food-grade salt, purified water and a food-grade thickening agent. 

BAG DIMENSIONS: 7"/17.78 cm x 5"/12.7 cm

SIZE 4 DIMENSIONS: 2"/5.08 cm x 2"/5.08 cm

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