69% RH, Boveda Size 60 in a single pack

Boveda For Brown Sugar


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The quality and condition of ingredients is important—especially in baking. Prevent brown sugar from hardening by storing it in a glass or airtight tight container with a Boveda 69% RH. Keeps your brown sugar soft and ready-to-use for your baking and culinary needs. Boveda Size 60 69% RH is sold as a single pack.


Individual product dimensions: 5.25" x 3.5"

Prevent food waste. Every time you open a bag, canister or food container, you affect the moisture level inside that can affect the food. With Boveda, you'll never toss out another bag of rock hard brown sugar.

Automatically adds or absorbs moisture as needed to keep your brown sugar soft and usable.

All-natural salts and purified water achieve and maintain a specific 69% RH, which is ideal for brown sugar.

Long lasting—Just place Boveda inside your container with your brown sugar. Keeps brown sugar fresh for 2-4 months in an sealed airtight container. 


Unopened, Boveda can stay fresh for up to 2 years in its overwrap and sealed bags.

Individually wrapped in factory sealed in a high-barrier plastic:

Single Boveda