Technical Response to Salt

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Saturated salt solutions have been used for centuries when people required a specific relative humidity for their application.  Using the appropriate salt as the primary base for a relative humidity control formula, you can create a saturated solution, which means there must be excess salt solids available as needed to retain the stable desired relative humidity.  As the water to salt ratio changes with either evaporation or absorption, the salt will precipitate or dissolve as needed to maintain the desired relative humidity—almost like magic is this property. Boveda is the only product that incorporates this unique technology in their moisture management systems.  

Competing products may use salt but without the saturation aspect or use other chemicals which are unable to become part of a saturated solution.  Products that use glycerin can initially create a specific relative humidity but very quickly that control is lost as water is absorbed or evaporated from the package.  

Additional benefits and facts about salt:

Excellent source of salt history with facts found here ?

  • Saline solutions are used for medicine and sanitizing.
  • Used to preserve foods since the 15th Century

Salt has been used for millennia for the preservation of food and was known way back during the Stone Age for this property.  The salt kills off the microbes by absorbing their moisture which proves to be fatal to them. Most of a salt’s functional usage over the years has related to food products.  These benefits have allowed the early settlers across the land to preserve the meat that might only be obtained once or twice per year. The meat could be preserved and be edible even through the warm weather season.  

The medical community relies on salt for many life saving functions.  The saline solution via intravenous tubes is regularly observed in hospital settings where it is dispensed along with various medications.  It is needed in some instances to achieve the targeted electrolyte balance required for life. And the most frequent usage might be for gargling salt water to alleviate the pain of a sore throat.  

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