Pro Tips: Curing Cannabis

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Cannabis ScaleMore and more cannabis enthusiasts are educating themselves on what fantastic finished product looks and smells like. The true indicator of superior cannabis is in the curing of it. Cannabis connoisseurs know this.

With an increase of legal cultivators flooding into new markets, these growers must produce exceptional product to appeal to the most discerning tastes.

Curing is more than a step in cultivation–it’s an art form.

The cannabis world is learning quickly that the true secret to fuller, more potent and more enjoyable buds is all in the cure. As legal cannabis cultivation has expanded, curing has advanced scientifically to keep up with demand.


Properly cured cannabis retains its weight, flavor and cannabinoid levels much better than flowers that are handled carelessly.


The curing process begins even before the harvest. For the cultivator who harvests product with care, a solid humidity control strategy is the way to go. Throughout the cultivation process, humidity in the air must be kept as consistent as possible to produce the highest quality flowers.


Step 1: Control the Environment

So as a cannabis grower, is the environment really something you can control? Yes, if you’re adaptable.

Choose the best grow operation based on your climate (and local laws, of course), such as:

  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse
  • Hydroponic

Many growers prefer a hydroponic system, which lets you easily adjust the humidity levels indoors. Others cultivators like a greenhouse setting–natural light can shine in while moisture levels can still be contained. Either way, it’s a lot of work to regulate an internal environment every day. And the best cultivators strive for perfection in every possible area of grow.

Next time you shop for flower at the dispensary, notice the subtle differences between indoor and outdoor buds. See which ones you like the best. And ask your budtender or in-store cannabis consultant where your favorite cannabis was grown.


Step 2: Harvest & Dry Promptly

It doesn’t matter if it’s grown indoors or outdoors; the flavors and aromas of professionally grown cannabis exist thanks to modern humidity control. The finished product in your jar has been through a long and painstaking journey!


Growing cannabis is more than simply planting seeds and waiting for them to grow.Twitter Logo


Several vital steps don’t even take place until after harvest, such as:

  • Cutting down and hanging plant limbs to dry
  • Trimming old growth off of the flowers
  • Curing, which dries and prepares the flower for packaging, retail and eventually consumption

Perhaps the most important and often overlooked part of cultivation is knowing when to harvest the plants. Here’s where things get tricky for cultivators. Harvesting too early could negatively affect the potency of your finished flower. Letting the flowers sit too long on the plant could cause them to prematurely dry out. Knowing the growing cycle by heart and achieving the perfect balance at harvest time are signs of a truly skilled grower.

After harvest, cannabis flower should be dried for three to seven days in a humidity-controlled environment. This allows for natural moisture to evaporate slowly, so the buds don’t become too dry. After this initial drying process, flower should always be cured in special airtight containers with Boveda.

Boveda collaborated with cannabis industry experts to formulate a line of 2-way humidity control specifically for the cannabis industry.

Boveda balances out the moisture of curing cannabis and locks in a precise relative humidity level where the full bouquet of cannabinoids and terpenes can finish developing. Using Boveda in specialized equipment, like CVault curing containers, ensures a pure and slow curing experience.

Boveda in Cvault for Cannabis

Step 3: Store With Care

Growers of grains and produce go to great lengths to keep their harvests fresh long after they reach their final destination. The same should be true for high-grade cannabis flowers.

Odds are freshly cured cannabis isn’t consumed right away. En route to a retail space, buds must be properly stored until they are purchased.

The loss of flavors and aromas, quality and potency, and even the valuable weight of cannabis buds are most adversely affected in post-harvest storage.

The easiest way to get the product from Point A to Point B isn’t necessarily the best way.

  1. Product should never be carelessly stored in plastic bags or jars without proper humidity control.
  2. To maintain freshness, prevent moisture damage and eliminate over drying, store cannabis in containers that have airtight closures with Boveda, the 2-way humidity control.

No matter how long it’s been since the harvest, a solid cure will ensure a quality product that leaves your consumer wanting more. A solid cure—and proper storage—is made easy with Boveda.

With today’s technology, your favorite strains are in good hands. Boveda is tested and trusted in professional cultivation settings. Hundreds of the world’s top cannabis cultivators proudly use Boveda humidity control to easily cure and store their precious flowers. Boveda is incredibly easy to use for individual growers and industrial-scale producers. Just toss in Boveda to properly protect your cannabis for 2-4 months.

Check out our herbal medicine humidity control line and see what makes Boveda different.


Roni Stetter– Roni Stetter

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