Humidors don’t have to be an experiment.

Charles Rutherford @ 2019-06-12 15:36:07 -0500

Ready to really enjoy your cigars the way the master blender intended? Then make sure your humidor maintains a precise RH (relative humidity) level for premium cigars. Using Boveda inside your humidor is the easiest, most precise method to maintain a stable environment to preserve the oils and sugars in your cigars.

Some cigar smokers use 1-way humidifiers, like sponges, gels, crystals and beads, in cigar humidors. Those “old school” cigar humidification methods are imprecise and need to be managed by Y-O-U. (If you’d like humidor maintenance taken off your to-do list, switch to Boveda—the automatic 2-way humidity control.)

Storing premium cigars with Boveda eliminates:

  • Re-wetting sponges
  • Measuring water for an oasis
  • Spilling water in your humidor
  • Checking status of beads and gels

When cigars are your passion, maintaining a humidor shouldn’t be a chore

Humidors are a storage container, just like a refrigerator is a storage container. How much time do you spend thinking about the conditions inside your fridge? That’s about as much time as you should spend thinking about what’s going on in your humidor.

The only way to take the guesswork out of humidity control in your humidor is with 2-way humidity control. Boveda automatically achieves and maintains a precise RH level for the long-haul. Just use at least one Boveda per 25 cigars your humidor holds.

What Boveda RH do you need for your cigars?

No need to guess what RH level you need to use in your humidor. Here’s a handy chart to help you order Boveda for your cigars.

When to replace Boveda in your cigar humidor

Next time you dip into that humidor, pick up your Boveda and press it. If you feel only a few soft spots, it’s time to replace your Boveda to ensure proper humidity control for your cigars. Don’t wait until Boveda is completely rigid. Hardening of the corners, however, is normal.

Depending on your humidor, your cigars and your climate, you can expect Boveda to last two to four months in a wood humidor and up to a year in an airtight humidor or Boveda Humidor Bag.

If your Boveda lasts less than two months, you know it’s working extra hard to keep your humidor’s environment stable. Try:

  • Re-seasoning, if you have a wood humidor
  • Using more Boveda than what your humidor’s capacity calls for (using more will never over-humidify your cigars)
  • Troubleshooting your humidor, if it’s not airtight, moisture is escaping

Fiddling with refillable humidification products to achieve “good enough” steals time you’ll never get back. Time you could be smoking a well-humidified cigar or letting Charlie Minato from halfwheel show you how to evaluate a cigar.





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