Humidors don’t have to be an experiment.

Charles Rutherford @ 2019-06-12 15:36:07 -0500

I think if I had to condense into one word what Boveda means for cigar smokers it would be: Enjoyment or any of its variations.

I believe Boveda exists to remove the barriers between you and what you enjoy. Time wasted fiddling with refillable products to achieve “good enough” steals time you’ll never get back. When your humidor is perfectly stable at your desired RH (relative humidity), only then will you really enjoy your cigars the way the master blender intended. When you’re no longer re-filling, measuring, making messes, adjusting a thermostat or opening/closing the shades, you no longer pay a time penalty for your passion, freeing you for what you enjoy.

Humidors don’t have to be projects. They’re a storage container. Your fridge is a storage container. How much time do you spend thinking about it? That’s as much time as you should spend thinking about your humidor. Only Boveda makes that zero-fuss perfection possible.  Just use at least one Boveda per 25 cigars the humidor holds, replace them when there aren’t soft spots – about every 2 months. Enjoy. Yes, it’s that easy.

1-way humidifier sponge/gel/crystals/beads have branded humidor maintenance as some kind of mysterious sorcery. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you haven’t already, resolve in 2013 to spend your valuable time enjoying instead of experimenting.

Whatever you’re doing with all the extra time on your hands by using Boveda, enjoy.

Charlie Rutherford

Business Development Director, Boveda

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