How to Season Your Humidor in One Step with Boveda

Briana Schepper @ 2019-06-12 15:35:26 -0500

Shot Glass. Sponges. Distilled Water. Have You Ever Seasoned Your Humidor? 

Are you prepping a new humidor or cleaning up after a party? Either one sounds like a chore. Seasoning a cigar humidor does not have to be a part-time job—despite what you read on cigar forums. You can do this—the right way, the safe way and the easy way—by using Boveda 84% RH (relative humidity). 

But first, you need to gear up. You’ll need:

  1. Boveda 84% RH for seasoning a wood humidor
  2. Alternate airtight storage for your cigars while you season your humidor
  3. Two weeks

Then just sit back and let Boveda get to work. (You can now use that shot glass for its intended purpose. Salud!)

YES, THIS IS THE easiest way to season A Wood humidor

  • Eliminates seasoning with messy sponges and distilled water.
  • Works in 14 days with nothing else to add (or manage).
  • Releases only pure water vapor, which won’t contaminate your cigar storage.
  • Prevents shocking, warping or molding the wood.

Remember, your cigars have to move out while you season your humidor!

Don’t mistreat your poor Olivas or Matildes. Keep the oils and sugars of your cigars intact while you season your cigar humidor. Store those cigars in a Tupperware® container with Boveda 69% RH or a Boveda Humidor Bag, which comes preloaded with humidity control.

Boveda Humidor Bags are preloaded with Boveda humidity packs in the best RH for cigars.
BONUS: After you reenter your cigars into your freshly seasoned humidor, you can re-use that Boveda Humidor Bag for up to a year to condition new cigars. Conditioning new cigars at the right RH prevents them from stealing moisture from the sticks already in your humidor—and gives you a smoother smoke. Watch Boveda’s Rob Gagner and Brian Rice explain why it’s good to condition new cigars.

Why 84% RH? Isn’t THAT too high for cigars?

You ARE an aficionado! Normally, you’d never store cigars at 84% RH. But remember, your cigars aren’t inside your humidor while you season it with Boveda.

So why 84% RH? Using this high RH, you can raise the humidity inside your cigar humidor in just 14 days. After a mere two weeks, you’ll achieve 70% RH, which is ideal for premium cigars. Replace the seasoning packs with Boveda in your preferred RH—69% RH, 72% RH or 75%.

Do You Have to Season a Wood Humidor?

Yes. Skip seasoning and a wood humidor will simply absorb moisture from your sticks. You’ll constantly battle low humidity levels that make for dry cigars and lousy smokes. (And you’ll blow through Boveda faster than you need to.) Why risk the money you invest in your cigars?

BTW, if seasoning really isn’t for you, you can always store cigars in an acrylic cigar humidor, coolerdor, tupperdore or Boveda Humidor Bag. No seasoning required!

Do You Have to Season a Wineador?

Yes, if a windeador has wood trays and shelves, you should season the unit before adding cigars. Seasoning conditions the wood components inside the wineador.

Before adding cigars to a wineador, like this NewAir model, season a cigar humidor with Boveda Seasoning packs.
To season this 250-count NewAir Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador with Boveda 2-way humidity control, you’d need three (3) Size 320 Boveda OR ten (10) Size 60 Boveda.

How Many Boveda 84% RH for Seasoning Do You Need?

Boveda for Seasoning is available in Size 60 and Size 320. It’s your choice which size Boveda you use. For large humidors and wineadors, some cigar smokers like the Size 320 because they can buy fewer packs.

With either size Boveda for cigars, base the number of packs you use on your humidor’s capacity, NOT the number of cigars currently inside your humidor. (We did the math for you under the picture of the wineador above. Or check out this quantity of Boveda to use chart.) Choose:

  • One (1) Size 60 for every 25 TOTAL cigars your wood humidor or wineador can hold
  • Or one (1) Size 320 for every 100 TOTAL cigars your wood humidor or wineador can hold

Do You Need to Re-season a Wood Cigar Humidor?

Yes, re-season your wood humidor every six month to maintain a perfect RH inside, get the most life out of your Boveda and create a tight seal.

Overview: How to season a wooden cigar humidor with Boveda

  1. Remove your cigars from your humidor and move them into a closed Tupperware® container, cooler or a Humidor Bag with 69% Boveda.
  2. Place the 84% Boveda seasoning pack(s) inside your empty wooden humidor.
  3. Close the lid and don’t open the humidor for 14 days—no matter what your hygrometer readings are. (The wait is worth it. Trust us.)
  4. After 14 days, open your humidor, remove the Boveda seasoning pack(s) and discard them—they aren’t reusable.  
  5. Move your cigars back into your well-seasoned humidor and add new Boveda packs in your desired RH—69%, 72% or 75%. 

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