Boveda Butler: Your Humidor, Smart.

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 “I can see what’s going on inside my humidor without having to open the lid!”


You manage so much of your life from your device, why not your cigar collection?

The Boveda Butler (formerly the Boveda Smart Sensor) monitors conditions inside your humidor, like humidity, temperature, impact and much more. Then sends stats and alerts to you via your smartphone or tablet.


“I love the easy visual interface–and seeing the graphic of where current conditions are within my set acceptable range.”


A digital hygrometer, thermometer and assistant all rolled into one! About the size of a 9-Volt Battery, The Boveda Butler:

  • Resides in your humidor—either on top of your cigars or affixed to your humidor’s lid
  • Communicates via Bluetooth® to the free Boveda app on your iOS 10.0+ or Android 5.0+ mobile device
  • Keeps you one with your humidor all the time

If you’re serious about cigars, you need a Boveda Butler.

The Boveda Bulter mounted in a humidor.


  • Continuously gauge humidity and temperature levels inside your humidor and access those vital readings
  • Receive push notifications if readings are outside of your customized ranges or if someone dips into your humidor
  • Analyze hourly, daily and monthly humidor readings then use those findings to adjust for seasonal changes or newly introduced cigars
  • Set Auto Reorder to buy new Boveda right from the app


The Boveda Butler in a calibration kit.

ONE WORD: CALIBRATION. The Boveda Butler is the only humidor monitor equipped with the Boveda One-Step Calibration Kit. To ensure accurate RH level readings, you must have a calibrated hygrometer in with your cigars.

Chemists and lab professionals determine the accuracy of a hygrometer with a “salt test.” The Boveda One-Step Calibration Kit is the ultimate salt test. Right out of the box, you can perfectly calibrate the Boveda Butler in just 24 hours.

“Every feature is fantastic. If anything needs attention, I know I will be alerted. It’s like having a cigar guardian watching over everything.”


When initially launched, the Boveda Butler was known as the Boveda Smart Sensor. Now the Boveda Butler is still one smart humidor sensor. But it does far more than sense what’s going on in a humidor. The Boveda Butler is an assistant who helps you manage the conditions surrounding your cigar collection.

If readings are outside your pre-set parameters, you’ll know about it right away. Cigar damage averted. What an assist!

“One day it said 66%, and I thought that was odd. I looked and sure enough my Boveda humidor wasn’t closed all the way. I wouldn’t have known otherwise and could have gone days putting my cigars at risk.”

Remotely monitor your cigars with the Boveda Butler.
Want to check on your cigars when you’re not home? Extend the reach to access real-time data from anywhere you go. Simply sync up the Boveda Butler to a second compatible tablet or old smartphone you’re no longer using.

Just ordered my 4th Butler! They are great!

Isn’t Boveda enough?

Boveda’s precision depends on:
Using enough Boveda (one 60g for every 25 cigars your humidor holds)
Choosing the correct RH level for your cigars and your humidor

The Butler shows you what’s working and what’s not. If the Boveda Butler reveals some troubling trends in your humidor, do some problem solving:
• Is your humidor airtight? 
• Did you season your wooden humidor?
• Are your ambient conditions extreme, such as high/low humidity or high altitude?

Any of these variables may require you to modify your humidor maintenance strategy based on real data from your Butler, not guesswork.

Boveda Butler App Screens


From one convenient app, cigar lovers with large collections can monitor conditions in several humidors. Just link a Boveda Butler for each humidor and place inside. You can even upload a photo of each humidor to identify it quickly from the “My Valuables” list.

Humidity Alerts

Cigars like a humidity sweet spot that’s consistent and precise. Too moist and your cigars could mold. Too dry and they’ll burn too fast. (And lose the oils and sugars that give cigars their complex flavors. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.)

And humidity swings can do a real number on your humidor. Cracked wood. Warped lid. Bad seal. Let’s avoid all this, ok? The Boveda Butler sends an alert if there’s a humidity problem. 

Temperature Alerts

Even the most smokin’ cigar can be too hot—or too cool. (And not in a good way.) Low temps can dry out cigars and make tobacco brittle. High temps can encourage growth of all sorts of nastiness, including fungi and the tobacco beetle larvae. The Boveda Butler monitors the temperature inside your humidor. If an unhealthy cigar temperature is detected based on your personal settings, you’ll receive an alert and a link with advice on what to do from Boveda’s cigar experts.

Reorder Boveda From App

Ever find hard, crunchy Boveda in your humidor and wonder, “When did that happen?”. No more! The Boveda Butler lets you set up a preferred humidity control profile, so you can reorder quickly and confidently. Never again leave your cigars without Boveda’s 2-way humidity control.

Impact alert

Sharing cigars is one of the joys of being a cigar lover—but only when you’re part of the experience. If someone is tapping into your prized collection—like a handyman, a teen or an assistant—you’ll know it. Boveda Butler is your security guard that notifies you if your humidor is opened, moved or dropped. It records the date and time of the incident, so you can follow up on the cause (or perpetrator). How CSI!

Battery Alert

A humidor sensor is no good if the battery dies. With Boveda Butler you’ll always know how much juice is left. Reach 30% battery life and you’ll receive an alert. Drop to 10% and you’ll get a warning. Plus, you can check your battery life anytime through the Boveda app to ensure that a watchful eye is still powered on your cigar collection.

The Butler arrives with its first battery, so you can tear into it right away. (New toy for cigar lovers!)

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