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How to Open a Boveda Humidor Bag

Julie Fulton @ 2021-06-08 12:29:26 -0500

You’re where many cigar smokers have stood before. You unzipped your new humidor bag. You gently tugged at the sides. And it didn’t open. Now you’re wondering—if you pull really hard will you break this new Boveda Humidor Bag? Never fear, you got this. Opening the medium and large humidor bags is tricky because of a protective heat seal—one reason it’s superior to food bags for cigar storage. Watch this video to learn how to open a medium and large Boveda Humidor Bag. Just Pull Hard—And No, You Won’t Tear it What If the Humidor Bag is “Puffed Up” with...

Why Food Bags Aren’t For Cigars!

Julie Fulton @ 2021-06-11 16:10:01 -0500

Wondering how to store cigars without a humidor? You might head to the pantry for a food bag. It zips closed, so your cigars should be good, right? Not so fast.  What works for your sammie isn’t best for your Southern Draws. Here’s why you could ruin cigars in a food bag:  Moisture leaks out. Moisture and dry air get in. Odors penetrate. You can use one in a pinch. But even if you add Boveda to a food storage bag, it’s not ideal for long-term cigar storage. As Bespoke Unit’s Podcast Hosts Paul Anthony and Charles-Philippe Bowles explained, “Just...

Boveda Terpene Spotlight: Limonene

Rachelle Gordon @ 2021-05-18 14:40:37 -0500

Terpenes Matter in Cannabis You go into a dispensary, where do you start? Ask about a flower’s terpene profile. Terpenes are the backbone of great cannabis. These molecules are responsible for the plant’s unique flavor, aroma and effects. Just as important as the cannabinoids THC and CBD, terps drive a consumer’s experience. There are several prominent cannabis terpenes. Each terp has a distinct taste, scent and outcome. So decide why you’re buying cannabis. What effect or relief are you looking for? Then find the right terpene for the job. In this month’s Boveda Terpene Spotlight, we explore limonene. Beloved by...

Boveda Terpene Spotlight: Myrcene

Rachelle Gordon @ 2021-04-15 15:02:16 -0500

Terpenes Make Cannabis What It Is The cannabis plant is well known for its distinct aroma, flavor and effects, but have you ever wondered where these characteristics come from? Usually, THC and CBD get all of the credit for how bud makes you feel. But it’s terpenes, along with those cannabinoids, that create a pleasurable cannabis experience. Terpenes (or terps) are the compounds in plants responsible for their smell and taste. In cannabis, the molecules also play a role in how an individual cultivar affects the consumer. If cannabinoids are the gasoline powering a car, then terpenes are the GPS...

Why Every Cigar Smoker Needs a Good Cigar Cutter

Julie Fulton @ 2021-03-29 11:18:57 -0500

Whether you believe in investing in the right tool for the job or gearing up for any and all hobbies, you’ll want to buy a good cigar cutter. Cigar cases and travel humidors dedicate a pocket or small sleeve for housing a cutter, so why not fill it? Cigars are a lifestyle, so outfit yourself with premium cigar accessories.  Cut to the Chase: Watch How to Cut a Cigar Finally! The ultimate how to cut a cigar video with up-close, step-by-step instructions and three main ways to cut a cigar—straight-cut vs v-cut vs punch cut. Shows how to use a...

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