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So What? Now What for All Saints Cigars (feat. Micky Pegg) | Ep. 54

Julie Fulton @ 2021-12-28 02:28:55 -0600

So what if a kid gets kicked out of kindergarten, and fourth grade, and tenth grade? He can still succeed—and even earn a master’s degree, become a certified tobacco sommelier and make big bucks in financial services before launching his own business. Hear All Saints Cigars leader Micky Pegg tell his cigar story over a Habano Dedicación at 2021 PCA in Las Vegas with Box Press host Rob Gagner. “It’s funny, when I was doing that business everybody was asking me about cigars. Now I’m back in cigars, everybody is asking me about mutual funds.” Ask us how to protect...

Boveda Terpene Spotlight: Pinene Terpene

Rachelle Gordon @ 2021-12-20 22:08:23 -0600

The smells of the season truly enhance an experience. Whether it’s the charred bouquet of seared brats cooking on the grill ushering in summer or the warm spices of baking pie at Thanksgiving, aromas complete our memories and maximize the enjoyment of life’s pleasures. Did you know that many unique scents come from terpenes? These molecules (sometimes referred to as terps) are responsible for the unique flavors and aromas in herbs and plants. In cannabis, terpenes also drive the effects you know and love. In this edition of terpene spotlight, let’s explore nature’s most abundant terp: pinene. Conjuring images of...

Imposters and Secrets of The Freemason Cigar, Hiram & Solomon | Ep. 53

Julie Fulton @ 2021-12-15 09:27:13 -0600

National treasure? More like an international treasure! Hiram & Solomon is sold worldwide as the official Freemason cigar. You don’t have to be a Mason, however, to buy and enjoy these boutique cigars. Several of the blends are based on Masonic lore. The cigar lines are named after hierarchical degrees and offshoot groups of the fraternal organization, including Enter Apprentice, Shriner, Grand Architect and Master Mason. Box Press host, Rob Gagner had a smoke with owners Fouad Kashouty and his wife, Romy at 2021 PCA in Las Vegas. They delve into the world of the Freemasons, an organization known for...

Why in the Hell is the Vice Principal Selling Cigars (Feat. Los Caidos Cigars) | Ep. 52

Julie Fulton @ 2021-12-05 03:32:10 -0600

He’s been a coach, a teacher, a vice principal, a financial advisor and a Jersey Shore cigar shop owner. So with a doctoral diploma on the wall, why is Steve Zengel running a cigar company for a living? Um, because it’s awesome. Hear the whole twisty-turny origin story of Los Caidos from its founder who sat down with Box Press Host, Rob Gagner at 2021 PCA in Las Vegas. Learn how neither sleet, nor rain, nor gloom of night stopped Steve’s motorcycle ride across the U.S. for Life of a Ride Time, a non-profit organization he started to raise funds...

Boveda Terpene Spotlight: Linalool Terpene

Rachelle Gordon @ 2021-11-20 08:06:07 -0600

Has anyone ever told you to “stop and smell the roses?” It’s a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things the universe has to offer, including tantalizing scents that can lift the senses into a true state of bliss. The source of these incredible smells is terpenes. Also referred to as terps, these compounds are responsible for the rich aromas and flavors found in plants and herbs throughout the natural world. In addition to the olfactory, terps also drive the effects of your favorite cannabis cultivars (AKA strains). In this edition of terpene spotlight, it’s all about linalool....

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